If you’re wondering “Why EAI Projects?” consider this:

  • We apply more than two decades of IT and consulting expertise to your business
  • We are a small business – affordable and nimble.
  • We are honest and objective.
  • We recognise potential, but don’t ignore opportunities for improvement.
  • We get things done. Don’t get stuck in “would be” and “should be” land.

EAI Projects helps organisations with stakeholder engagement, business analysis and project implementation specialising in working with you to define and execute your project vision.  We deliver real results for our clients, their projects and local communities.  We also provide training and facilitation services to public and private sector organisations.

Our strength is process improvement for customer-facing and back office operations utilising Design Thinking methodologies to bring out creativity and innovation in organisations to help them to gain greater insights.

We love interacting with people and data and are energetic, passionate IT professionals who thrive on working with cross-functional teams.  We specialise in leading new initiatives and applying our technical background in the world of business analysis and implementing IT systems. We are passionate about helping others to successfully implement their projects.

When you work with us, you are gaining a true partner in achieving the goals you have set for your organisation. We have a “roll-up-our-sleeves” approach with our customers.

Steph Jeuken

Steph Jeuken, the Principal Consultant, will work directly with you to Engage, Analyse and Implement your Projects.

Steph is a highly experienced Information Technology professional with proven experience across all areas of systems and business project implementations including engaging key stakeholders, executing business analysis and design, and gathering insightful user requirements.  She specialises in project and programme implementations, having lead multiple large-scale software and business process improvement projects across various industries and business units. In addition, she is skilled in software test management, Software Quality Assurance (SQA), Software Quality Control (SQC), and Process Improvement.

Steph has an extraordinary combination of ICT and people skills and has worked as a consultant in Australia and the USA for more than 20 years.

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