How we operate

Our expertise is in stakeholder insights.  We will listen to you and your stakeholders, ask questions, respect people’s right to disagree and offer help.  For your project to be successful you need to think like your stakeholders.

We will communicate with you for the duration of the project.  We will meet in person regularly and follow up by email ensuring you are never left in the dark.  Good communication will help to maintain good relationships, avoid conflict and ensure we deliver a successful project.

Team approach
We like the team-based approach to project management where everyone on the project team is held equally responsible for the quality and success of the project.  We have a tendency to say “ours” rather than “yours”.

We have a willingness to get things done by getting organised and staying productive. We will organize our to-dos, priorities and our schedule to meet your project completion deadline.  I love what I do, and I love to accomplish great things for my clients.

We can help you with:

  • Aligning your visions with actions to achieve success for you and your company
  • A project with multiple stakeholders whose engagement is crucial to success
  • A project that is in danger due to fragmentation of key people and lack of necessary support
  • Your ideas of what you’d like to do, but need it fleshed out and tested
  • Your raw data that needs transformation into valuable insights and business-ready information
  • Your cross-functional teams that need support or problem-solving to get the results
  • A stakeholder strategy led by someone who can think and talk technology, and who has great interpersonal skills
  • Understanding the challenges of change management and how to end the project process, including how to report outcomes and conduct a project review.
  • An ICT person who can also write, speak and present in plain English

You talk. We listen. We work together. And we get things done 

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