At EAI Projects, we listen, we ask questions, we collaborate on a plan, and we execute.

EAI Projects will help you define and execute your project vision. We will work with you to understand your project and business objectives.

Aligning your actions with your vision results in success - for you and for your company.


Project Management

Designing, developing, and deploying IT projects in-house can be both complex and time consuming.

We will listen closely to your needs and recommend a solution based on your scope, budget, timeframe and in-house capabilities.

A dedicated project manager, will immediately reach out to you to explain the next steps and host a kick-off meeting.

Your project manager will ensure everyone is aligned regarding the scope and the outcomes, and will identify all prerequisites as early as possible so everyone can hit the ground running and will drive results through to completion.

We achieve our exceptional results through transparency and teamwork, ultimately leading to a successful delivery of your project or program.

Project management styles:

  • Agile Project Management (organising flexible projects)
  • Program Management (structuring projects as part of a program)

Stakeholder Engagement

Engaging and managing stakeholders is an important ingredient for successful project delivery. We will involve people who have an interest in your project because they are involved in the work or affected by the outcomes.

We will engage your people who are affected by the decisions made in the process of managing your project by encouraging them to respond to the outputs and benefits that they deliver through open and structured communication giving them the opportunity to influence the implementation of the project.

We will regularly meet with all relevant stakeholders to ensure we are meeting your expectations for the delivery of project.

Business Analysis

We enable genuine agile transformation and business agility by working with organisational users to design business processes and functions that fit your unique situation.

We will help you to understand the key insights for the delivery of your products and services to your customers including how your internal business units work together cohesively.


We believe training can and should be specifically designed and delivered for the individual needs of your organisation and people. We will work with you to deliver bespoke training courses tailored to your skills gaps and budget. We have worked with state and local government as well as private industry to deliver courses such as:

  • Data visualisation
  • Understanding statistics
  • Foundations in Project Management
  • Procrastination remediation
  • Design thinking
  • How to be a great mentor
  • How to get the most out of your mentoring experience
  • Enabling strong business analyst skills

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